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Just wanted to write another journal to bump that old one out of the way.

I'm uploading more to this site and others, since I actually have the time now. I'll change my profile info on DA so people can know where my more active accounts are. I'll also tell where to actually talk to me, if you'd like. I don't socialize on art websites much at all.

Thanks for continuing to watch me.
I have internet again. Finally after that really bad windstorm. Yay.

Read some News:… and…
  • Watching: You mother playing card games in hell
  • Drinking: Vodka :3
I was gonna put this on the front of my profile, but then the list started growing. So, here it is:
Updated as of: March 4, 2012

Comics for General Audiences:
Ink by :icontamberella: (on hiatus?)
Biohazard by :iconzeerka:… (on hiatus?)
Over the Mountains and Far Away by :iconskailla:… (ongoing)
Off White by :iconakreon: and :iconvesner:… (ongoing)
Crescent Wing by :iconchaluny: and :iconmikaley:… (ongoing)
Guardians by :iconakeli: and :iconthrones:… (ongoing)
Pull Down Heaven by :iconmoonsongwolf:… (ongoing)
Atir's Story by :iconsnowwire:… (finished)
100 Deeds by :icontyronniesaur: and :icontoucat:… (ongoing)
The Keeper's Cat by :iconlabinnak:… (on hiatus?)
Gallows Humor by :icongallowshumorcomics: gallowshumorcomics.deviantart.… (ongoing)
Chakra - B.O.T by :iconarven92:… (ongoing)
Headless Snow Bear by :iconfrazeybcrazy:… (ongoing - just started)
Prague Race by :iconleppu:… (ongoing)
Nuzlocke by :iconyamashita-akadoragon: yamashitathewildcat.deviantart… (ongoing)
Lunar Eclipse by :iconjetera:… (ongoing)
Son of the Philosopher and other comics by :iconwickkh:… (ongoing)
The Last of the Polar Bears by :iconlcibos:… (ongoing)
Lackadaisy Cats by :icontracyjb:… (ongoing)
Dog's Days of Summer by :iconscrewbald:… (finished)
The GaMERCaT:…
Prelude by Dave and Liz:…
Interrobang Studios Comics:…

Mature Comics:
Them Dudes by Ruuichan:…
Jesus Christ in the name of the Gun by Peterson and Nicolle:…

Comics You Should Buy:
Nordguard by :iconscrewbald:…
This is just a list of places my art has been featured. Feels pretty nice too.

1. :iconawaicu:…
Go against all that SOPA mess. People think it's so hard, but it's really simple and easy to do.

Click the link:…

Put in your info, and if you don't kno that +4 thing, if you click on the +4 it'll take you to the USPS site and it'll take less than a minute to learn what it is.

The rest is all up to you.

You can learn more here:…
Just a list of past contests that I've been in.

Hosted by :iconwildwolvess: Info:… Winners:… My Entry:… (my drawing sucked) (didn't win anything)

Hosted by: :icongreen-green-fox: Info:… and… Winners:… My Entry:… (didn't win anything)

Hosted by: :iconvampynella: Info:… Winners:… My Entry:… (my drawing sucked again) (won this just for participating:…)

Hosted by: :iconbryghtt-chan: Info:… Winners:… My Entry:… (won 1st place and 120 DA Points)

Hosted by: :iconmagicallycapricious: Info:… Winners:… My Entry:… (didn't win anything)
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